Magdy Samuel

Anxiety Test

Test to determine your degree of anxiety and tension. Answer all questions carefully and explicitly.

Rare Some times A lot
1- Do you have difficulty focusing and concentrating or have memory impairment and forgetfulness?  
2- Do you suffer from disorder of thought, difficulty in decision-making and hesitation?  
3- Are you obsessed by just one thought on your mind (negative preoccupation of the mind)?  
4- Do you suffer from low motivation and productivity, and slow thinking?  
5- Do you suffer from an increasing number of mistakes?  
6- Do you have incorrect judgments of others and negative expectations?  
7- Do you have obsessive frightening thoughts on your mind?  
Rare Some times A lot
8- Do you suffer from severe tension and excessive sweating?  
9- Do you suffer from different kinds of headaches (the half - Periodic - Tension)?  
10- Do you suffer from muscle pain, especially neck and shoulders and lower back?  
11- Do you suffer from increased heart rate or irregularity and palpitations?  
12- Do you suffer from indigestion - acidity - stomach ulcers - bowel syndrome - disorder of appetite?  
13- Do you suffer from fatigue and loss of energy, chronic stress and increased exposure to injuries and accidents?  
14- Do you suffer from shortness of breath, difficulty breathing or panting or a tight chest?  
Rare Some times A lot
15- Do you suffer from a quick temper, anger and nervous tension?  
16- Do you suffer from mood swing and tendency to melancholy and tears?  
17- Do you suffer from emotional exhaustion or BurnOut (Loss of the ability or desire for anything)?  
18- Do you worry A lot about diseases such as Cancer or AIDS or heart disease?  
19- Do fear the future, or death, or accidents?  
20- Do you avoid closed or wide places or social events?   
21- Do you suffer from sleep disturbance (beginning - quality – ending - nightmares)?  
Rare Some times A lot
22- Do you have a tendency to withdraw and isolate self from others  
23- Do you suffer from lack of trust in others and tendency to blame others?  
24- Do you suffer from forgetting dates or cancellation of dates just a short period prior, or not committing to them?  
25- Do you suffer from hunting for the mistakes of others and mocking and scorn?  
26- Do you suffer from extreme sensitivity and self-pity?  
27- Do you suffer from lack of personal attention and emotional tension (mechanical interaction with others)?  
28- Do you suffer from tension in family or professional relationships?  
Rare Some times A lot
29- Do you suffer from appetite loss for prayer and reading the Bible and attendance at meetings and spiritual practices?  
30- Do you suffer from an inability to concentrate in spiritual practices, day dreaming and divagation?  
31- Do you suffer from an inability to rejoice and take comfort spiritually?  
32- Do you suffer from loss of confidence in the Lord and His promises?  
33- Do you suffer from feeling guilty and unfaithful?  
34- Do you have dissatisfaction or complain?  
35- Do you suffer from neglecting service and a sense of frustration?